About Us

Established with the vision to innovate automation, Dexterous Dynamics helps develop automatic machines for a wide range of industries. Innovating the way our industries function, to make it a faster, more accurate and safer environment to work in, has always been our goal. We deliver automation for your specific needs based on your industry type and product. We also specialize in IoT based systems to integrate into existing products to make them user friendly and state-of-the-art.

  • Who we are

    We are the company that provides efficient, innovative and timely solutions to seemingly difficult technical problems in any industry.

  • our mission

    Our mission is Customized Automation: Tailored automation solutions for individual clients.

  • our vision

    Our vision is to automate hazardous work environments while at the same time providing efficient, economic and swift solutions for your engineering problems.

Our Skills

Machine designing
Electronics development
Automatic Plant Layout
Automation Consulting
Project Development
Product Development/prototyping
Automation is much more than the toiling of machines for human comfort. It is the elegant use of available resources to maximize output and efficiency. Every industry has a customized need for such an upgrade. Adapting automation solutions to the specific demands requires advanced technological concepts integrated with efficient designing and engineering. This is what we do at Dexterous Dynamics.
Shashwat Khoont

Services we provide

Dexterous Dynamics is where ideas get converted into practical products. We provide machine designing, electronics development and programming services for building prototypes. Automation in any industry at any part of the manufacturing or assembling cycle is also our work area. We develop machines for your specific needs. If you have an existing manufacturing process that you would like to automate, or a part of it that requires high accuracy and therefore cannot be left to staffed labor, you want to work with Dexterous Dynamics.

  • Machine Design
    Machine Design

    Design and simulate mechanical designs before building a prototype.

  • Electronics development
    Electronics development

    Develop a customized control board for the product.

  • Documentation

    A well-drafted document with the details of every component used along with mechanical drawings of the parts fabricated. This makes mass production and modification easier.

  • Materialization of Ideas
    Materialization of Ideas

    Engineer a complete product from just an idea.

  • Production optimization
    Production optimization

    Optimize the production line to get more efficiency and accuracy with the existing machinery.

  • IoT products
    IoT products

    Internet of things concept for communication between various devices along with smart phone operation.

Innovation augmented with creative and well engineered design is our speciality.

Why Choose us?

our capabilities

Our Work is Presentation of our Capabilities.

Truly scientific and practical solutions.

We accelerate your ideas into practical products.

Variable operating options based on preferred technology.

Creative solutions to your problems.

Pooja Shingala

I have associated with Dexterous Dynamics for a while now. I had a great experience working with them.

EnvCure Technocrat LLP

We have been associated with Dexterous Dynamics since a while now. All our products contain automation from Dexterous Dynamics. We trust them for all our automation needs and will keep working with them.

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